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Recording Processor Script Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
08/01/14 Hot Fix X X

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New in This Release

This is a hot fix for this product. This release contains no new features or functionality.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

Recording Processor Script has been updated to deal with multiple DBServers correctly. (GIR-593, GIR-611, GIR-670, GIR-634)

If your Genesys Interaction Recording deployment uses an MS SQL ICON database, and also uses non-ASCII characters (0-127) for agent names or metadata, the Recording Processor Script no longer encounters encoding errors. Previously in this scenario, the encoding errors would prevent the call from being saved to the SpeechMiner database.

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