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Known Issues and Recommendations

Interaction Recording Web Services

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Interaction Recording Web Services. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

RWS does not support the --spring.config.location parameter. As a result, RWS cannot be started without performing the following workaround:


  1. Edit the gir.conf file (/usr/lib/systemd/system/gir.service.d/gir.conf) and comment out one line:
  2. If the configuration files are not in WorkingDirectory/config, create this directory and move the configuration files there.
  3. Run systemctl daemon-reload
  4. Start RWS using sudo systemctl start gir
ID: GIR-32911 Found In: Fixed In: 

Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) does not support the parameter, enableScanAndScroll = true.

ID: GIR-32749 Found In: Fixed In: 

Muxer does not support the parameter, split_window_enabled = 1, when working with RWS.

ID: GIR-32673 Found In: Fixed In: 

When a user performs an MLM purge of voice recordings without purging screen recordings, some of the screen recordings become detached from the associated recordings. Subsequently, logs display an error whenever the user attempts to purge these detached screen recordings, due to unavailability of the related voice recordings.

ID: GIR-24666 Found In: Fixed In: 

When a user runs a job that schedules an MLM backup followed by an MLM purge of both voice and screen recordings, voice-only recordings prevent the MLM backup from completing. As a result, the MLM purge does not proceed as configured. This issue occurs because the MLM backup job is searching for screen recordings in the voice-only recordings.

ID: GIR-24604 Found In: Fixed In: 

If an invalid certificate or password is configured for the caCertificate or jksPassword parameters, Interaction Recording Web Services will fall back to establish a TLS connection without certificate validation for SIP Server, Interaction Server, and Configuration Server instead of failing to establish a TLS connection.

ID: GIR-13830 Found In: Fixed In:

If a call recording does not have an associated screen recording, an error occurs when you attempt to delete the call recording manually from SpeechMiner.

Workaround: Create a recording settings group and then set the deleteCallRecordingAndScreenRecordingsAndMedia parameter to false as shown below:

POST http://<Interaction Recording Web Services-cluster-address>/api/v2/settings/recording
  "name": "deleteCallRecordingAndScreenRecordingsAndMedia",
  "value": false

If this parameter is set to true (the default), there will be an exception if there are no screen recordings.

ID: GIR-18253 Found In: Fixed In: 

Using MLM backup with the unzipped option to export the backup to a remotely mounted Windows directory is currently not supported. Instead, use the unzipped option to export the backup to a Unix file system.

ID: GIR-11117 Found In: Fixed In:

When an MLM backup of multiple recordings fails part way through the process, Interaction Recording Web Services continues its attempts to backup the remaining recordings.

ID: GIR-10674 Found In: Fixed In: 

If voice or screen recordings are deleted and Interaction Recording Web Services (RWS) is then requested to reindex for a time period for which there are no recordings, RWS may display an incorrect error that Elasticsearch validation failed.

ID: GIR-9532 Found In: Fixed In:

When an agent logs in to an environment containing multiple switches, Interaction Recording Web Services incorrectly attempts to connect to all SIP Servers--instead of only to the SIP Server associated with the switch that serves the DN of the agent.

ID: GIR-10604 Found In: Fixed In: 

Data masking in the Genesys Interaction Recording API might not behave as expected if the list of masked fields you define for the metadata.privacy.agent_fields and metadata.privacy.customer_fields settings contain spaces.

Workaround: Avoid using spaces in the metadata.privacy.agent_fields and metadata.privacy.customer_fields settings in the recordingsettings group.

ID: GIR-6338 Found In: Fixed In:

RWS will not attempt a connection to Interaction Server if the api-multimedia-screenrecording feature is enabled but the api-multimedia feature is not.

ID: GIR-4201 Found In: Fixed In:

Messages like the following can be safely ignored in the log:

10/21/2015 18:06:45.433ERROR [] [] [] \[com.genesyslab.PCT.invoker.EventBrokerEx:TServer:5e85bb59-d585-43e2-9e79-b5df480003f1:9e116565-912a-4da2-ab62-773be8254464] c.g.c.v.a.e.s.ScreenRecordingTelephonyEventHandlerV2 Failed to process message: PartyMessage(super=InteractionMessage(super=BasicTelephonyMessage(message='EventAttachedDataChanged' (85) attributes:
<attributes omitted for clarity>
com.genesyslab.cloud.v2.exceptions.CloudException: GSIP_RECORD Is missing/invalid in attach data eventKVList:
<attributes omitted for clarity>
ID: GIR-3538 Found In: Fixed In:

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers.

There are no internationalization issues for this product.

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