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Genesys Decisions Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
07/31/18 Hot Fix X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Mark Shrinkage Identifiers as Unmapped—You can now mark shrinkage identifiers as Unmapped, which suppresses them. In other words, when marked as Unmapped, the identifiers do not show up each week as needing to be addressed.
  • Alternative Headcount Adapter—Genesys Decisions now includes an alternative headcount adapter that has a different data spec than the standard headcount adapter. The standard headcount adapter continues to be suitable for most enterprises. For additional information about the alternative headcount adapter, contact your Genesys representative.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

Scenario History—The volume and handle times now display correctly in the scenario history. Previously when viewing the scenario history, the volume and handle times, and any metrics that require those values to calculate the metric value, sometimes failed to display. This display issue occurred only when a new model was applied that had a different number of days in the distribution than the previously-applied model.

Hire Optimizer with Blended Group—Accuracy has been improved for the Hire Optimizer when used with a blended group. Previously in the Hiring Optimizer, Min AHT and Max AHT did not reset correctly for a group that contained both IM and Phone types. This caused results to be less accurate than expected, especially when there was a large difference between the average handle times for the different media types.

Import Validation Report—Three DLLs have been added to the Decisions installation package to correct an issue with the display of the Import Validation report. The DLLs exist on many machines by default, but in cases where they do not exist, the Import Validation report now displays correctly.

Data Feed Correction—When re-importing any weeks for a month in which the last day of the last week in the month is also the last day of the month, the last week of the month is now summarized correctly. Previously, in this scenario, the last week of the month would be summarized incorrectly.

Avaya Import Correction—For time intervals in which there is no activity (Calls Handled and Talk Time) for a specific login, and the login has Available time, the Available time is now allocated correctly.

Different Case in Identifiers Correction—Character case is no longer sensitive when migrating an identifier from a previous software release to the current release. Previously in this scenario, if the migrated identifier used a different case than what was used in the files, you could add the identifier to the mapping more than once, which resulted in data duplication.

Limit on the Number of Missing Identifiers Shown in a Validation Report—Genesys has set a limit on the number of missing identifiers (10). Previously, when there were a large number of missing identifiers, the validation report became large, making it difficult to read.

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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