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Android Sample

Updated in 8.5.204, 8.5.200

Download in Bitbutcket

In 8.5.202, the Android Sample moved to BitBucket, where you can download the code sample. The Android SDK used in this sample is available in jcenter/bintray and in Maven, and includes the Javadoc JAR file that you can import in Android Studio. Once imported, the JAR file also provides automatic completion and documentation while using the Android Sample SDK.

All installation and code details are provided in the BitBucket ReadMe where you can download the Android Sample.

In 8.5.114, the app was extended to support:

  • Chat V2 features, that are now available in the CHAT-V2 scenario:
    • File Transfer
    • Typing notifications
    • Typing preview
  • Mobile Push Notifications to Android devices using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)
  • ApiGee integration
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