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About the Chat Service


This section describes the chat portion of the Genesys Web API Server REST API and provides guidance for developers building chat-related client applications.

To assist developers, we provide a few Chat REST API Samples.

Life Cycle of a Chat Session

The chat service is stateless, so in order to know whether a chat interaction is active, we have a requirement to use long polling and do this with the GetMessages operation.

Once a chat session starts, your application must periodically refresh by sending a GetMessages request to keep the session alive.

The refresh frequency is dependent on your application. However, you can use the flex-disconnect-timeout configuration option in Chat Server to specify the maximum timeout between refresh requests.

Ensure that the interval in which your application calls the GetMessages request falls within the flex-disconnect-timeout value.

This is a Chat-specific requirement.

Chat Server Status Codes

The Web API Server Chat Service now includes status codes in the HTTP response. Here is a list of the codes and their meanings:

  • statusCode 0—The attempted communication with Chat Server was successful.
  • statusCode 1—If Chat Server sends an error response that corresponds to a recoverable error, then there was a recoverable error. Otherwise, there was a connection error with Chat Server.
  • statusCode 2—There was a non-recoverable error.
Status Codes and Outcomes
Status Code chatEnded=true/false Does the Chat Client Consider That The Session Has Ended? Comment
Successful Outcomes
0 false No Everything is fine
0 true Yes The chat has ended; terminate the session
Unsuccessful Outcomes
1 false No The request was unsuccessful; retry
1 true N/A This case isn't possible, as the request was unsuccessful and the last successful chatEnded flag is inherited
2 true or false Yes Unrecoverable error; terminate the session
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