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Bidding Assignment Desired View

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You reached this window by clicking the Desired tab in the Bidding Assignment Pane.

Use the Desired View to reorder your bids for schedules that you want.

Ranking Your Bids

Your bids are already ranked when you reach this window; that happened when you clicked Add to Desired in the Bidding Assignment Window. Your most desired bid is numbered 1.

To change a single bid:

  1. Select the number in the Bid column box, and enter a different number.
  2. Important
    If you change the rank of one of your bids and click Apply, the rest of your bids will be renumbered accordingly.
  3. Click Apply to implement your change, or Cancel to abandon it.

Repeat as necessary to achieve the bid order that you want.

Removing Schedules from the Desired View

To remove one or more shifts from the Desired View:

  1. Select the check box in the far right column of every schedule that you wish to affect.
  2. Click Remove to remove the selected schedule(s) from the Desired View and set the bid ranking to 0.
    Click Unwanted to move the selected schedule(s) to the Unwanted View.
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