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Access to user interfaces

The main access point to all Genesys PureEngage Cloud user interfaces is the Genesys Portal.

The interfaces on the Portal are divided into three separate categories (which can be separated by clicking corresponding category links at the top of the Portal)

User interfaces – User interfaces are standard Contact Server user interfaces, such as Desktop, Workforce Management, and Reporting. These interfaces can be used by Contact Center agents, supervisors, and managers.

Administration interfaces – Administration interfaces can be used by Contact Center administrators, supervisors, and managers to configure users, resources (such as IVR), and applications based on their roles.

Support interfaces – Support interfaces can be used by authorized Contact Center administrators to submit requests with Genesys Customer Care and to view service status and schedule.

Access your Agent Desktop

The Agent Desktop is a web-based desktop that is used to manage the agent state and contact center interactions.


The desktop can be accessed through a link on the Portal: Agent Desktop.


  • User name: e-mail
  • Password: password that was assigned when the user was created
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