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Viewing Other Agents' Schedules

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Use the [Trading] Schedules window to examine other agents' schedules. This can help you identify agents with whom you want to trade schedules.

You can open this window only if your system administrator has enabled it. A second setup option determines whether you can view schedules only within your own team or across all teams at your site.

About the Schedules Window

The table shows schedule information for up to 20 agents at a time, on each day of the displayed week. Agent days displayed with a darker background color are days that are not compatible with you as the logged in agent. For example, an agent day in a darker background color may indicate a full-day exception that cannot be traded or a day that contains activities in which you are not skilled, which also cannot be traded.

The table includes the following columns:

Agent Name Click an agent's name if you want to open the Schedule Details pop-up, which shows you details about the agent's scheduled activities on each day. Click the arrow symbol next to the column title, to sort the table by this column's data.
Team Displays the team to which the Agent belongs. Click the arrow symbol next to the column title, to sort the table by this column's data.
days of
the week
These columns show one of the following for each agent on each day: a shift, working hours, Day Off, Time Off, or an exception name.
Total paid Shows each agent's total paid hours for the week.
Some types of exceptions do not appear by name. Instead they are marked by the generic label Exception. These exceptions have been configured by the system administrator to be nontradeable.

Using the Schedules Window

You can modify the display using the following options:

  • To reveal any days that are hidden offscreen, use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the window.
  • To reveal more agents, click Previous 20 or Next 20.
  • To display a different week, use the date selectors at the upper right.
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