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Other Schedules

This content may not be the latest Genesys Engage cloud content. To find the latest content, go to Genesys Engage cloud for Agents.

The Trading message box, which appears near the bottom of the window, alerts you to any open trade proposals or responses.

Two panes near the top of this window control different views of agent schedules:

  • Other Schedules pane—Displays a filterable, sortable, and searchable grid that lists other agents and their schedules.
  • My Schedule pane—Displays your schedule information for the current week.

The Other Schedules pane lists agents and their schedules (all agents in the Enterprise, if unfiltered). Columns:

Column Description
Agent Displays the name of the agent whose information appears in that row. Position the cursor over a day cell to display its details in a pop-up window.
Site Displays the name of the agent's site and (in parentheses) the site's Business Unit.
Team Displays the name of the agent's team.
days of the week (one column for each) Displays the agent's schedule information for that weekday.

Click the Agent, Site, or Team column header to sort the grid by the data in that column, in ascending or descending order.

The Filter button displays the Filter dialog box, where you can click the corresponding radio button to limit the display to one of these choices: People I work with (the default), My Shared Transport (displayed if the agent joined any shared transport), My Team, My Site, My Business Unit.

The filtering options that are available to you have been configured by a supervisor or a system administrator.

The Find An Agent button displays the Find an Agent dialog box, where you can search the grid for, and highlight instances of, an agent's first name or last name.

If there is more than one page of data, use the navigation buttons First WM 813 icon-navigation-prev.png, Previous WM 813 icon-navigation-prev1.png, Next WM 813 icon-navigation-next1.png, and Last WM 813 icon-navigation-next.png to move between the pages. These buttons are grouped with a numeric indicator of your position within the pages: WM 813 icon-navigation-prev.png WM 813 icon-navigation-prev1.png 1 of 1 WM 813 icon-navigation-next1.png WM 813 icon-navigation-next.png

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