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Starting with the 9.0 release of Genesys Co-browse, chat functionality is available through a single set of consumer-facing digital channel APIs that are part of Genesys Mobile Services (GMS), and through Genesys Widgets (WebChat), a set of productized widgets that are optimized for use with desktop and mobile web clients, and which are based on the GMS APIs. Genesys Widgets provide for an easy integration with Co-browse, allowing you to proactively serve these widgets to your web-based customers.

The Genesys Co-browse Built-in Chat Widget has been discontinued in the 9.0 release. If you previously used external chat integration through the Built-in Chat API, you must move to the new APIs and to Genesys Widgets to ensure that your functionality is not affected when you migrate to the 9.0 release.


Default Value: 10000
Valid Values: Any positive integer
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies the connection timeout, in milliseconds, when Co-browse Server communicates with Chat Server.


Default Value: None
Valid Values: <tenant id>:<chat access point name>
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies the access point that is used to place submitted chat interactions. For example, 1:default or 101:chat_queue. This option must be specified if the value of useChat is true.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: true, false
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Specifies whether Co-browse Server uses the built-in Chat Server functionality. If true, Co-browse Server acts as a Chat Server client and HTTP "gateway" between the Customer side browser and Chat Server. If false, chat-related functions are disabled on the Co-browse Server.


Default Value: 3000
Valid Values: Positive numeric
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Period of time before Co-browse is pinged for new tasks. Period should be small enough for fast replies but not too large to overload ChatServer with requests. Suggested time is around 5 seconds.


Default Value: 10
Valid Values: Positive numeric
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Amount of working threads fetching updates of chat session transcripts. The following formula can be used to calculate option value:

(<expected count of simultaneuosly chatting agent> * <average time of single Refresh request processing in milliseconds> ) / (<count of servers in cluster> * <refreshTaskPeriod in milliseconds> )


  • 1000 expected agents (peak loading)
  • 5 Co-browse servers with chat components
  • refreshTaskPeriod value of 5000 milliseconds
  • Average time of processing Refresh command of 100 milliseconds

If the customer expects the values above, the estimated pool size is (1000 * 100) / (5 * 5000) = 4. If refreshTaskPeriod is 2000, the formula results in 10.


Default Value: 10000
Valid Values: Positive numeric
Changes Take Effect: After restart

Period of time that client tries to establish connection with Chat Server for a particular chat session. After timeout, session terminates. This value should be big enough to cover unexpected short term network problems but small enough not to annoy visitors with frozen chat window. Values from 10 to 30 seconds are recommended.

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