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Co-browsing in Iframes

Genesys Co-browse supports co-browsing in iframes. Behavior depends on whether the iframe is from the same domain or a different domain.

Iframes from the Same Domain

By default, agents can co-browse within iframes from the same domain or sub-domain as long as the session meets these requirements:

If the web page in the iframe is in your domain but not instrumented for Co-browse, the iframe does not load and the agent sees a blank page in the iframe.

Iframes from a Different Domain

By default, an iframe pointing to a webpage from a different domain loads on the customer side but not on the agent side. These cross-domain iframes cannot be co-browsed due to browser cross-domain security restrictions and current Co-browse architecture.

You can enable iframes from specific domains using the allowedThirdPartyDomains option. Once you add a third-party domain to this option, iframes pointing to that domain load for agents with the same src attribute as the customer side. The agent will be able to view the content, but only if the content is public and non-secure. The content cannot be co-browsed. The content will not be loaded on the agent side if cookies are required to load secure pages, because the agent side does not get any cookies from customer side.

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