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Installing and Deploying Genesys Co-browse

Starting in, Cassandra support is deprecated in Genesys Co-browse and Redis is the default database for new customers. Support for Cassandra will be discontinued in a later release.
Genesys recommends that you first install Co-browse in a test environment. This will allow you to customize and test Co-browse before moving it to your production environment.
Objective Related procedures and actions
1. Prepare your deployment.


2. Install Genesys Co-browse Server. See Install Genesys Co-browse Server for details.
3. Install the related plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition.

Install the Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition. See Install the Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition.

Optional: Configure token-based agent authentication.

4. If you are using Genesys Workspace Web Edition, configure it to work with Co-browse.

See Configure Genesys Workspace Web Edition to Work with Co-browse for configuration details.

5. Load the certificate and private keys into the Java and Jetty keystores.

See Loading Certificate for SSL for details.

6. Configure allowedOrigins and allowedExternalDomains.

As a security best practice, configure the allowedOrigins and allowedExternalDomains options to control which websites can access your Co-browse server and which external resources Co-browse server may proxy.

Additionally, consider configuring the allowedThirdPartyDomains option to control which third-party iframes agents can view.

7. Add the Co-browse JavaScript snippet to your website.

See Website Instrumentation for details.

8. Configure a cluster of Co-browse servers.

See Configure a Cluster of Co-browse Servers for details.

9. Start and stop Genesys Co-browse Server.

See Start and Stop Genesys Co-browse Server for details.

10. Import the reporting templates. You can use the provided Genesys Co-browse Sample Reporting Templates for real-time and historical reporting. See Genesys Co-browse Reporting Templates for details.
11. Test and troubleshoot. Complete the procedures on the Testing and Troubleshooting the Co-browse Solution page to ensure that your Co-browse solution is properly configured. This page also provides solutions to common problems that you might encounter while testing the Co-browse solution.
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