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Default value:
Valid Values: String containing a valid URL
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

URL used to load external localization file. This file should be a JSON file hosted on a server with JSONP support (For example, the Co-browse server. See Serving JSONP). By default, the built-in English localization is used. For more information about localization, see Localization—Localizing the agent side UI.

Starting in release, Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE) now has a stricter policy for working with origins against the agent's localization. To allow working with the localization resource via HTTPS, you must place the resource in the same origin that the Co-browse Plug-in for WDE uses to work with Co-browse.

If load balancing is used for the Co-browse Plug-in for WDE to access Co-browse, place the JSON localization file in the static folder of the Co-browse nodes, and add the following snippet in your NGINX configuration file.

location /static {
            proxy_pass https://<cobrowsecluster>$uri?$args;


Default value:
Valid Values: String containing a valid URL
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

URL used to load an external CSS file that is applied to the agent side representation of the page seen by the user. May be used to solve CSS synchronization issues.


Default value: wde
Valid Values:

  • iws—theme matching the look and feel of Interaction Workspace 8.1.
  • wde—theme matching the look and feel of Workspace Desktop Edition.
  • wde-hc—theme matching the High Contrast theme in Workspace Desktop Edition.

Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Name of theme applied to the agent side UI.


Default value: false
Valid Values:

  • true—disable WebSockets
  • false—do not disable WebSockets

Changes Take Effect: Immediately

This option will disable WebSocket communication.

Use of this option in production is not recommended as it may have a significant impact on performance. See JavaScript API disable WebSockets for the analogous option for the customer side and more details.


Default value:
Valid Values: String containing a valid URL

Changes Take Effect: Immediately (after agent side page reloads)

This option specifies the URL of an additional JavaScript file that will be loaded and executed on the agent side.


Default value:
Valid Values: A comma-separated list of origins. For example, http://my-web-server-1,http://my-web-server-2.
Changes Take Effect: Immediately (after agent side page reloads)

Available since Co-browse Server

Configures the list of Workspace Web Edition origins used by agents. This option enables communication with Workspace Web Edition so an agent does not automatically become inactive when using the Co-browse iframe.

An origin consists of a protocol and domain. Optionally, you may include the port, username, and password in an origin. For example, if agents open Workspace Web Edition from https://htcc.genhtcc.com/ui/ad/v1/index.html, then you should set this option to https://htcc.genhtcc.com.


Default Value: Empty
Valid Values: Empty, *, or a comma-separated list of origins. Example value: https://site.com,http://test.site.org:8080
Changes Take Effect: For new Co-browse sessions

Use this option to enable iframes from specific third-party domains for agents. By default, all third-party iframes in a website are disabled for agents. For example, if your website contains an iframe pointing to https://third-party-site.com/a-page.html, the iframe does not load for agents unless you list https://third-party-site.com in this option. You can also leave this option empty or set it to *:

  • Empty—disables all third-party domains for agents.
  • *—allows all third-party domains. Note that even if all third-party domains are allowed, JavaScript execution is always disabled in third-party iframes for the agent's browser.

When configuring third-party domains, you must list each subdomain seperately. For example, https://third-party-site.com does not include https://subdomain.third-party-site.com. You must list both to enable them.


Default Value: None
Valid Values: String with 16 characters
Changes Take Effect: Immediately for co-browse sessions started after change

Added in: Co-browse Server

Specifies the token used to authenticate communication between Co-browse Server and Workspace Desktop Edition.

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