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What is Genesys Co-browse?


Genesys Co-browse provides the ability for an agent and the end customer to browse and navigate the same web page at the same time. In a Genesys Co-browse session, both the agent and the customer share the same instance of the screen, as opposed to a conventional screen sharing application, where one of the parties sees an image of the other party's browser instance.


Genesys Co-Browse is composed of the following components:

  • Genesys Co-browse Server is a server-side component that is responsible for orchestrating the co-browsing activities between the end consumer and the agent.
  • Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Interaction Workspace provides co-browsing functionality for Interaction Workspace users.
  • Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Workspace Desktop Edition provides co-browsing functionality for Workspace Desktop Edition users.
  • Genesys Co-browse Sample Reporting Templates provides configuration files and reporting templates for getting real-time and historical statistic data.
  • Integrated JavaScript Application is a JavaScript component that includes the Chat, Co-browse, and (optionally) Web Engagement Tracker JavaScript applications. You should add this component to the pages on your website where you want to enable co-browsing.


Genesys Co-browse includes the following features:

  • Active participation—both the agent and the customer have the ability to take control.
  • Browsing always happens on the customer side.
  • Administrators are able to restrict what the agent can do and see on the web page. The customer can easily identify which fields are masked from the agent. Administrators can easily specify which DOM elements (buttons, check boxes, and so on) the agent must not be able to control.
  • Support for multiple browsers, cross-browser support, and same-browser support.
    Support for scenarios in which the agent and customer are using different browsers.
    Support for scenarios in which the agent and customer are using different versions of the same browser.
  • The customer can co-browse without downloading or installing any plug-ins.

Browser Support

Genesys Co-browse supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above (Windows)
  • Firefox 17 and above (Windows, Linux, and Solaris)
  • Safari 6 and above (Mac)
  • Google Chrome (Windows)

Genesys recommends that you use Internet Explorer 10 or above on agent machines for improved synchronization speed due to Web Sockets support and better JavaScript engine performance.

We strongly advise against IE Conditional Comments.
Interaction Workspace uses only Internet Explorer as the embedded browser for working with Co-browse sessions.

Related Components

Genesys Co-browse interacts with the following Genesys Products:

  • Interaction Workspace — The Genesys Co-browse Plug-in for Interaction Workspace is required to interface Genesys Interaction Workspace with Genesys Co-browse. This plug-in enables the agent to join and terminate a co-browsing session with a customer.
  • Chat Server — An eServices component, Chat Server handles chat interactions between agents and web visitors.
  • Genesys Web Engagement — If Genesys Web Engagement is installed, the chat widget can be integrated with Genesys Co-browse and used to initiate a co-browsing session.

Minimum Required Components

The following components are mandatory for Genesys Co-browse:

Server Name Compliant Versions (and later)
Configuration Server
Chat Server
Interaction Workspace 8.1.401.44
Workspace Desktop Edition
Universal Contact Server
Interaction Server
Universal Routing Server
Stat Server
Data Modeling Assistant

Genesys Co-browse 8.1.3 and Previous Co-Browsing Solutions

The Genesys Co-browse 8.1.3+ solution should not be associated with the Web API Cobrowse Samples. These samples work with the old KANA-based Co-Browsing Server and do not work with this new Co-browse solution; however, you may use a chat interaction started from the Web API Chat Samples to initiate a new Co-browse session from an instrumented page with an agent.

Genesys strongly recommends that you use the Co-browse chat widget to initiate a Co-browse session with an agent. This chat widget is designed to work with the new Co-browse solution in the most optimal way. Agents do not even need to paste the Co-browse session ID manually into their screen - the Co-browse page is opened automatically once the agent clicks the "Co-browsing" button during a live chat.

For more information about how to work with the Co-browse chat widget, see the following sections:

For more information about how to work with external chats like the Web API Chat Samples, see:

Restrictions and Known Limitations

See Co-browse Restrictions and Known Limitations.

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