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Configure a Cluster of Chat Servers

Genesys Co-browse Server can support either a standalone Chat Server or a cluster of Chat servers.

This chapter describes how to configure the necessary Genesys components to allow Co-browse Server to work with a cluster of Chat Server application objects.


Chat Server Applications

You must have two or more configured Chat servers in order to organize them in a cluster. Each Chat Server must:

  • Work in the same tenant.
  • Have the same Interaction Server and Universal Contact Server in the Connections list.
  • Have the same Chat inbound queue configured in its endpoints:<tenant_id> section.
  • Have a webapi port. This port must be configured in the Listening Ports section.

Configure the Chat Server Cluster

To organize the Chat Server applications in a cluster, do one of the following:

  • Add all of your Chat servers in the Connections list for the Co-browse Server application.


  • Add your Chat servers to an Application Cluster application object and then add this application object in the Connections list for Co-browse Server.

Application Cluster Object

An Application Cluster is a set of application objects united in a cluster (such as Chat servers, Email servers,, and so on). This configuration object has a template of type "Application Cluster", and you can find it in the Templates directory for any Web API Server version.

Configure Co-browse Server to work with the Chat Server Cluster

Start of procedure

  1. Open Genesys Administrator and navigate to PROVISIONING > Environment > Applications. Select the application defined for the Genesys Co-browse Server and click Edit....
  2. In the Connections section of the Configuration tab, click the Add button. The Browse for applications panel opens.
    • Select the Genesys application defined for the Solution Control Server, then click OK. Solution Control Server is added to the Connections list.
    • Select the Genesys application defined for the Chat Server, then click OK. Chat Server is added to the Connections list.
      Note: Add all Chat Server applications in the same way.
  3. In the Tenants section, click the Add button. The Tenants panel opens.
    • Select the same tenant object you used for your Chat servers.
  4. In the Options tab, locate the chat section and update the following options:
    1. Set useChat to true
    2. Set queueKey to <tenant_id>:<your_Chat_inbound_queue>
  5. Click Save & Close

End of procedure

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