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External Chat Without Integration

Co-browse and non-integrated chat

If your website already has chat, you can use it with Genesys Co-browse without any other integration effort. For example, you may use the Web API Chat Samples to start a chat.

To allow users to initiate a Co-browse session from your website, you must add the Co-browse JavaScript snippet to your web pages. For information about how to enable it, see Website Instrumentation. By default, the instrumentation has a "Live Chat" button used for embedded initiation that is not needed if you already have chat enabled on your website. In this case, you should disable the "Live Chat" button. See Integration Configuration JS API for details.

If your web page is correctly instrumented, the user will see a "Co-browsing" button after loading. Now, when the user clicks the "Co-browsing" button, they will see a notification message. If the user clicks "Yes", the Co-browse session will begin and the user will be prompted to manually transfer the session ID to the agent using either chat or voice.

Overriding the "Co-browsing" button

You can also override the default "Co-browsing" button by placing a custom button on your chat widget so that chat is the explicit entry point to co-browsing.

See Integration Configuration JS API for information on overriding the "Co-browsing" button.

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