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Co-browsing in Iframes

Genesys Co-browse supports co-browsing in iframes. Behavior depends on whether the iframe is from the same domain or a different domain.

Iframes from the Same Domain

By default, agents can co-browse within iframes from the same domain or sub-domain as long as the session meets these requirements:

If the web page in the iframe is in your domain but not instrumented for Co-browse, the iframe does not load and the agent sees a blank page in the iframe.

Iframes from a Different Domain

By default, an iframe pointing to a webpage from a different domain loads on the customer side but not on the agent side. You can enable iframes from specific domains using the allowedThirdPartyDomains option. Once you add a third-party domain to this option, iframes pointing to that domain load for agents and they can see its content.

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