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Monitoring Overview

Genesys Co-browse added monitoring features in 8.5.001 and extended those features in 8.5.002.

Monitoring features added in 8.5.001

Starting with 8.5.001, Co-browse Server integrates with a Metrics Java library to allow you to generate Co-browse reporting metrics about Co-browse Server performance and the processing of Co-browse sessions. While the metrics library gives several ways to report on current values, only reporting through the JMX JConsole interface is available in 8.5.001.

Monitoring features extended in 8.5.002

Genesys Co-browse 8.5.002 extends monitoring functionality:

  • New logging reporter lets you report metric values in the console or log.
  • Co-browse Server can now generate Monitoring Alarms you can use to improve Co-browse performance.

See the links below for more on the reports and metrics available through Co-browse Server.

Monitoring Co-browse

In 8.5.002+, Genesys Co-browse Server's monitoring functionality generates the following:

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