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cross-origin Section


Default Value: "*"
Valid Values: List of origins in the format <scheme>://<domain>[:<port>]

For example:

  • "http://*.genesys.com"
  • "http://intranet.domain.com:8700,http://<host>:<port>,http://<ip_address>"

Changes Take Effect: Immediately

A comma separated list of origins, such as instrumented web sites, allowed to access the Co-browse Server. If an allowed origin contains one or more "*" characters (for example, http://*.domain.com), then "*" characters are converted to ".*". Any "." characters are converted to "\.". The resulting allowed origin can be interpreted as a regular expression.


Default Value: false
Valid Values: true or false
Changes Take Effect: Immediately

Available starting with Co-browse Server

If set to true, disables all HTTP OPTIONS requests.

Disabling HTTP OPTIONS may slightly affect performance as it blocks the long-polling transport, which needs OPTIONS requests. Generally, Genesys does not advise you disable HTTP OPTIONS unless required by your security policies.

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