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Setting Up Reporting Templates in CCPulse+

Genesys Co-browse includes templates for real-time and historical reporting. Before working with the templates, you must first import configuration options from the following files, located in the Genesys Co-browse Sample Reporting Templates root directory:

  • StatProfile.cfg — used for the Stat Server application object. It contains the necessary configuration options, statistics, and filters.
  • CCPulseProfile.cfg — used for the CCPulse+ application object.

Import Configuration Options for Stat Server and CCPulse+

Start of procedure

  1. Open Genesys Administrator and navigate to PROVISIONING > Environment > Applications.
  2. Select your Stat Server Application and click Edit.
  3. In the Options tab, click Import. The Import Options dialog opens.
  4. Click Yes. The Click 'Add' and choose a file with configuration options to import dialog opens.
  5. Click Add. The Choose File to Upload window opens.
  6. Choose the StatProfile.cfg from the root directory of Genesys Co-browse Sample Reporting Templates and click Open. The configuration options for the Co-browse reporting templates are imported.
  7. Click Save & Close.
  8. Mandatory: Restart your Stat Server Application.
  9. Mandatory: Reopen your Data Modeling Assistant.
  10. Select your CCPulse+ Application and click Edit.
  11. Complete steps 3-7. Be sure to import the CCPulseProfile.cfg in step 6.
  12. Mandatory: Reopen your CCPulse+.

End of procedure

Next Steps
See CCPulse+ Templates Overview.

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