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Customize the Built-in Chat Widget


Starting with the release of Genesys Co-browse, Genesys is deprecating the Built-in Chat Widget and its APIs in preparation for discontinuing support in the upcoming 9.0 release.

This functionality is now available through a single set of consumer-facing digital channel APIs that are part of Genesys Mobile Services (GMS), and through Genesys Widgets, a set of productized widgets that are optimized for use with desktop and mobile web clients, and which are based on the GMS APIs.

Genesys Widgets provide for an easy integration with Co-browse, allowing you to proactively serve these widgets to your web-based customers.

Although the deprecated APIs and Built-in Chat Widget will be supported for the life of the 8.5 release of Co-browse, Genesys recommends that you move as soon as you can to the new APIs and to Genesys Widgets to ensure that your functionality is not affected when you migrate to the 9.0 release.

The built-in chat widget provides the main chat functionality for Genesys Co-browse. It's a versatile widget that can be customized through the Chat Service JS API and the Chat Widget JS API.


There are three different customization types available for modifying the chat widget UI: Template-based, CSS-based, and JavaScript-based. Using these customization types, you can do any of the following:

  • modify the structure of the widget
  • add content
  • add css classes
  • modify the style (including the logo and buttons)
  • use JavaScript APIs to modify widget behavior

For details about the customization types and how you can use them, see Customizing the User Interface, part of the Chat Widget JS API.


You can use the startChat and restoreChat methods of the Chat Widget JS API to enable localization for the chat widget. For details and step-by-step instructions, see Localization.

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