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Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues and Limitations

This section provides the latest information on known issues and limitations associated with this product.

The CTI variables are not correctly ordered in the CTI Adapter — the variables must be in alphabetic order. (HTCC-4734)

Incorrect subject line — when an agent makes a consultation call to another agent, the subject line says undefined instead of the agent's name. (HTCC-3805)

Contact phone number is not displayed — when conferencing a call to a blank contact form, the phone number is not displayed in the phone field. (HTCC-3802)

When an agent makes a two-step (warm) transfer of a consultation call to another agent, the second agent does not receive the screen pop. (HTCC-3801)

When switching tabs in the Salesforce portal while an agent is on the call, the CTI Adapter panel sometimes changes the Agent Status display to Available.
Workaround: Reloading the page displays the correct status again. (HTCC-3766)

Using custom codes for Away messages — agents can manually set their Agent Status display to Away, but they can not set their status to Away using a specific custom code.

Transferring to an IVR page is not supported in this release.

Two-step (warm) transfers to a free form contact are supported, but customers cannot create a predefined list.

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