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Corrections and Modifications

Corrections and Modifications

This release includes the following corrections and modifications:

Agent Desktop (Workspace Web Edition) and VCC Dashboard

Service Levels for skills are now supported. As a reminder, Service Level is defined as the percentage (%) of all calls during the define period (time period - a moving window, configurable) which were answered by agents within X seconds where X is the defined wait time (known as the Call Pickup Time Threshold, configurable). Short calls (less than 10 seconds) are excluded from this calculation. A call is included in the total number of calls if the caller waits in queue at least 10 seconds, even if the caller hangs up (abandons) before the call is sent to an agent. (AACD-1284)

The Service Level parameters are configurable except for the short calls (less than 10 seconds). You can set the time period and the time interval.

The Monitoring window now closes when releasing calls in the Next Call (entire call) monitoring mode/scope. Previously, in some scenarios after a call was released, a supervisor received a Your device is not set up error after clicking Monitor VCC2.5.3 VCC.Dashboard Monitor.png in the Agents view on the VCC Dashboard. (AACD-1043, AACD-1016, AACD-1015)

Alert messages now prompt you to fill in the respective missing values when you add new toast or case data. Previously the following error would be displayed: That code already exists. (AACD-1007, AACD-858)

The ringback tone now plays correctly during a warm transfer (two-step transfer or a consultation transfer) to a skill or to an internal number. Previously, when an agent made a warm transfer, there would be a fast, continuous ringback tone with no pause between rings, as opposed to a normal ringback tone with short pauses between rings. (AACD-992, AACD-787)

The Cancel button in the Edit Skills view now cancels the addition of a new skill to an agent and closes the window. Previously, the Cancel button only closed the window. (AACD-409)

CX Analytics

Outbound and internal calls are now shown in the Queue Activity - Time report. (CXA-47, CXA-108, CXA-109)

Call statistics now appear correctly when using the Call Analyzer Report or Call History Report tools. Previously, when reports were run in the Call Analyzer Report or the Call History Report for Today, there were no results. (PR-14950)

If you change from one customized Not Ready state to another (for example, Break to Lunch), the correct time interval is now calculated in the Not Ready State report. Previously, if you switched from one customized Not Ready state to another, the Not Ready time was not counted properly in this report. (AACD-1028, CXA-48)

Outbound calls now show up in the Queue Activity - Time report. Previously, these calls did not appear in the report. (AACD-1025, AACD-893, CXA-47)

CX Builder

Drop-down menus now display properly in the Google Chrome browser. (PR-14868)

Agent Name is now available as a variable for data to be passed from the ACD to the IVR in the Advanced Options menu of the ACD page. (PR-14839)

The UK English text-to-speech engine now properly pronounces calendar dates. Previously, the engine incorrectly switched the month and date components, so that 01/07/2013 would be pronounced as January Seventh, Twenty-Thirteen, instead of the correct version, July First, Twenty-Thirteen. (PR-14469)

Version 2.5.4

If you change or update your own details in the VCC Dashboard while also logged in to Workspace Web Edition as an agent, an alert message is displayed asking you to log out and log back in for changes to take effect. The VCC Dashboard works behind the scenes to manage dynamic updates which results in changing a supervisor's state to Ready. In this scenario, if you also have an agent role and you are logged in to the agent Workspace, you will see your status change to Ready in the VCC Dashboard.) The best practice is to ensure that agents are not logged in while a supervisor makes changes to the agent configuration using the Contact Center Settings tab in VCC Dashboard. (AACD-1286, AACD-1058, AACD-876, AACD-838, AACD-826)

VCC Dashboard now supports monitoring in Continuous mode. Previously, this mode was not available. (AACD-833, AACD-832)

Disposition codes are now correctly reported without having to define the Customer Segment Variable. Previously, the Disposition code was not populated with the subscriber ID in the database. (AACD-774)

Skill names are now reported correctly in CX Analytics reports. Previously, the skill name was not visible in CX Analytics reports. (AACD-889)

Version 2.5.3

The Skill Timeout variable now expands the pool of agents while a call is waiting in the queue. When this timer expires, the proficiency required for an agent to be considered to take a call is lowered by 1. Once the proficiency level reaches 1, the call remains in the queue until the ACD Max Timeout (the maximum wait time for callers) is reached; this value is set on the ACD Page in CX Builder. (AACD-917)

The VCC Dashboard values are now automatically refreshed every 10 seconds. To see the current values without waiting 10 seconds, click Refresh.
Note: The Service Level value itself is recalculated every 5 minutes. (AACD-624)

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