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Report Management Services is utilized by clients who wish to retrieve either detail or summary reports related to communication activity. In order to initiate a report request a client invokes the createReportRequest() method, which returns a Job as the response. The ReportRequest argument to this method determines the nature and parameters of this report. As this method generates an asynchronous task, you can monitor the progress of a report request using the Platform Management service.


Field Type Description Since
internalId string Platform Identifier 7.3.3
type string Type of Report Request (See table below for valid values) 7.3.3
version string Version of report required 7.5.0
entity BaseEntity Enterprise, Account, Campaign, SubCampaign or List. 7.3.3
timeframe reportTimeFrame None, Today, Yesterday, Last7days, LastNDays, MonthToDate, LastMonth, Incremental, ExplicitDates 7.3.3
frequency string If scheduling a recurring or incremental report – this is a crontab string otherwise the value 'Now'. For 7.3.3 this must be Now. U
compression Integer 0 - None, 1 - Zip, 2 - PGP encryption (optional) 7.3.3
delivery string Valid values are mailto: or ftp: (optional) 7.3.3
fileNameFormat string If specified then format of filename (optional). See User Guide for further details. 7.3.3
mappingSpecification string Name of a valid mapping specification (optional) 7.3.3
fromDateTime dateTime Start time when explicit dates (timeframe = ExplicitDates) 7.3.3
toDateTime dateTime End time when explicit dates (timeframe = ExplicitDates) 7.3.3
units Integer Number of units if using Last N form (optional) 7.3.3
createdDate dateTime Entity created date 7.3.3
updatedDate dateTime Entity last modified date 7.3.3
createdBy User (K) Abbreviated creator U
modifiedBy User (K) Abbreviated modifier U


Attribute Type Description Since
expireAfterHours Integer Number of hours before autoexpiring (-1 = never) U

Valid ReportRequest Types by Entity

Entity Type Notes Since
Enterprise Activity Cost By Account 7.3.3
Enterprise Activity Cost By Account Campaign 7.3.3
Enterprise Detail 7.3.3
Enterprise Summary delivery must be mailto: 7.3.3
Account Activity Cost By Campaign 7.3.3
Account Contact Center Detail 7.3.3
Account Detail 7.3.3
Account Summary delivery must be mailto: 7.3.3
Campaign Activity 7.3.3
Campaign All Attempts 7.3.3
Campaign All Contacts 7.3.3
Campaign Best Contact 7.3.3
Campaign Contact Center 7.3.3
Campaign Contact Center Utilization 7.3.3
Campaign Dialer 7.3.3
Campaign Last Contact Summary 7.3.3
Campaign Summary delivery must be mailto: 7.3.3
Campaign Time Of Day 7.3.3
AgentGroup Agent Detail 8.8.0
AgentGroup Agent Summary 8.8.0
SubCampaign All Attempts 7.3.3
SubCampaign All Contacts 7.3.3
SubCampaign Best Contact 7.3.3
SubCampaign Contact Center 7.3.3
SubCampaign Dialer 7.3.3
SubCampaign Summary delivery must be mailto: 7.3.3
List Profile Detail 8.10
List Profile Detail With Carrier 8.10
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