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External Web Services Binding

The Web Services Description Language is available at the following URL's. Each functional area defined in this document is mapped to a service.

https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/AuthenticationService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/IdentityManagementService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/OrganizationManagementService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/ContactCenterManagementService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/CampaignManagementService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/ContactManagementService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/PlatformManagementService110?WSDL https://uat1.soundbite.com/SOAPAPI2/ReportManagementService110?WSDL

Error conditions

If the service is unavailable an HTTP error 503 will be returned.

If the service is not responding and the client timeout is set to less than five minutes then the error condition will be client specific. For C# this will commonly be a System.Net.WebException, for Java this will commonly be an <XXXX> exception. If the client timeout is greater than 5 minutes then the client will usually receive an HTML response indicating a server timeout.

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