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Using the CTI Application

CTI Application (Dialpad) Overview

From the Dialpad, users change their phone number, make calls, change their online status, and sign out.

  1. Logging in.
  2. Changing your status.
  3. Receiving calls.
  4. Managing active calls.
  5. Managing transferred calls.
  6. Searching results.
  7. Managing wrapup calls.
  8. Managing ClickToDial.
  9. Signing out.

Logging in

Enter your username (email address) and password and click Log In and the Login screens displays, as shown below:

Login Screen

After you login, the dialpad opens. You can use the the dialpad to:

  • Make an outbound call
  • Change your online status (select Cti sf statusicon.png)
  • Change your phone number (select Cti sf dropdown.png)
  • Log out
Dial Pad

Changing Your Status

To change your online status, click on the top online status bar to select one of the following statuses:

  • Available
  • Not Ready
  • Do Not Disturb
  • After Call Work
  • Training
  • Lunch
  • Break
  • Consulting
  • Away From Desk
Supervisors can configure all Not Ready states in VCC Dashboard.
Status Screen

Receiving Calls

For inbound calls, the CTI panel displays call details and an Incoming Call dialog box. You can see the call data before accepting or rejecting the call.

Data is presented to the agents. All variables displayed are customized in the ACD Page using CX Builder.
Incoming Call

Managing Active Calls

For active inbound calls, the following options are displayed near the top of the dialpad:

Active Call
  1. Go to Call Transfer
  2. Mute or unmute the call
  3. Disconnect the call
  • The Case Data displayed is configured in the ACD Page using CX Builder.
  • Agents can add notes relating to the call and can overwrite the default subject.

Managing Transferred Calls

To consult, conference, or blind transfer active calls, click on the name of another agent in Ready state and a dialog box appears with the following options:

  1. Cti sf transfericon.png Blind transfer the call to the other agent and disconnect.
  2. Cti sf consulticon.png Consult with the other agent, put the customer on hold, and enable the remaining three options.
  3. Cti sf conference.png Adds the customer to the conference along with the other agent.
  4. Transfer the call to the other agent.
  5. Disconnect the other agent and add the customer back to the call.
Transfer Screen

Managing Wrapup Calls

When the call finishes, the following wrap-up screen appears|

Wrap-up Screen
  • Click the Add More Time button to extend your wrap up time.
  • Select from a pre-configured list of after-call work (ACW) ready codes (configured in VCC Dashboard). You will stay in the ACW state until you mark your status as Ready.
  • Enable Set to away to automatically set your status as Not Ready, so you do not receive another call.
  • Click Done when finished with the call to update the call information in the database.

Managing ClickToDial

Click the number to initiate an outbound call. You can click-to-dial phone fields in entity, transaction and activity type records in view mode.

All numbers appear as hyperlinks. When clicked, an outbound call is made to the agent first, then connects to the number called.
Click to Dial

Signing Out

To sign out, select Cti sf dropdown.png, and click Sign Out.

Sign Out Screen
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