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What is Designer?

Genesys Designer is a web-based tool for developing self-service (Interactive Voice Response) and assisted service (Routing) applications that run on the Genesys platform.

Designer lets you build routing applications by dragging and dropping highly-functional blocks into an application flow. Designer handles most of the heavy-lifting behind the scenes, so you don't need to be aware of too many technical details before you start developing applications.

Designer also provides layered access roles to ensure that your users only have access that is appropriate for your business needs—such as the ability to make changes to prompts, business hours, or set an emergency routing flag—without exposing control to the overall application logic.

You can

Watch the video for a quick tour of the Designer interface, and then read the getting started guide.

If you already know your way around, go directly to the Help.

Note: Some features that are described in the Help might not be available with your version of Designer. Please check with Genesys to enable additional options or features.

More questions? Try these topics:

  • Applications, for designing and managing your applications, assigning phone numbers, and more
  • Variables, for setting up and assigning values to variables
  • Shared Modules, for managing resources that you want to use in multiple applications
  • Speech Grammars, for defining the list of phrases or options that the caller can input (voice or DTMF) when they use your applications
  • Audio Resources, for creating and managing your audio collections (announcements, greetings, etc)
  • Business Controls, for setting up data tables, business hours, special days, and emergency flags


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