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Universal Contact Server


Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. © 2010

As of February 1, 2012, Genesys is no longer an affiliate of Alcatel-Lucent; any indication of such affiliation within Genesys products or packaging is no longer applicable. Please see the Genesys website at for more details.

The following information applies to Genesys 8.0.x software and is important for you to note:

Note: Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize functionality of commercial or non-commercial third parties.

The Universal Contact Server 8.0 Context Management Services User's Guide version 8.0.1x, which is a PDF document, has on page 24 a list of prerequisites for deploying UCS, one item of which is "eServices Third Party Components. This is a single component delivered as part of the Interaction Management product." There are two errors here:

These errors are corrected in version 8.0.2x of the User's Guide, which is published online at

Universal Contact Server (UCS) 8.0.1 provides metadata templates for Genesys Administrator. However this release does not support deployment using Genesys Administrator. (ER# 247312789)

It is not possible to use Genesys Administrator to uninstall UCS Manager (or any client application). (ER# 247210305)

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