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Link to 8.0 Product Release Advisory

The following information applies to Genesys 8.1.x software and is important for you to note:

Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize third-party functionality. For additional information about third-party software used in this product, see the Read Me. Please contact your customer care representative if you have any questions.

Genesys Configuration Server 8.1.2 and earlier fully supports only database schemas with a single national language and single encoding used in the environment (in addition to English US/ASCII). If you require UTF-8 support, you must use Configuration Layer components of release 8.1.3 or higher.

In addition, in environments with PostgreSQL RBDMS, the IDB processing configuration details (having the role option set to cfg) should be created to use encoding identical to that used by Configuration Server. For example, you may set PostgreSQL database encoding to WIN1252 to use extended ASCII from European languages or use SQL_ASCII.

If you require ICON to process user data using any symbols other than ASCII, you must create your PostgreSQL IDB with encoding that supports these symbols. If this encoding is different from the Configuration Server encoding, you must have a separate IDB for configuration details. (ICON-4389)

In DB2 deployments with large database schemas, the schemas require sufficient space in the application heap; otherwise, the GSYSPurge81 stored procedure may not execute properly and may generate an error similar to the following:

"Other Purge Instance in Progress"

Should this occur, Genesys recommends that you increase the size of the application heap in your DB2 database schema to 1000 using the applheapsz database configuration parameter.

Example: db2 update db cfg using applheapsz 1000

Once the application heap has been increased, the GSYSPurge81 stored procedure should execute correctly. (ER# 279236706, ICON-4002)

For large configuration environments, Genesys strongly recommends that a separate Interaction Concentrator instance be dedicated to handling configuration data. That is, this application should only have the cfg value for the role configuration option. (ER# 188354093, ICON-2892)

When ICON is working in an environment with Configuration Server release from 7.5 through 8.1.1, keep in mind the following default Configuration Server behavior. Through its configuration history log mechanism, Configuration Server sends no more than 1000 notifications about changes in configuration data. This limits ICON's ability to identify missing configuration data when the number of changes exceeds 1000 during the ICON shutdown period. If you are performing heavy configuration updates while ICON is down, perform the resynchronization of configuration data immediately after the restart of ICON. Refer to the Interaction Concentrator 8.1 User's Guide for resynchronization instructions.

Starting with Configuration Server release 8.1.2, the number of notifications Configuration Server sends to clients is configurable using the Configuration Server max-records option. For more information, see the Framework 8.1 Configuration Options Reference Manual.

In Configuration Server 7.2, the precise time when configuration objects changed was not preserved in its history log. As a result, when changes in configuration were restored from Configuration Server's history log, the timestamp of such changes was not captured correctly in IDB. This situation occurred upon ICON disconnection from Configuration Server. This issue has been corrected in Configuration Server release 7.5. Refer to Configuration Server Release Notes or contact Genesys Technical Support for information on the current Generally Available version of Configuration Server.

Oracle Corporation provides a patch to address an Oracle limitation. On certain versions of Oracle, data writing requests may be processed incorrectly in configurations where two or more ICON instances are configured to write to two or more schemas created in one database. If your ICON environment is configured in this manner, Genesys recommends that you install this patch to avoid the possibility of ICON sending data to the wrong schema. For more information about the specific versions of Oracle impacted and where you can get the patch, review the Product Advisory for Interaction Concentrator 7.x and 8.x issued on August 15, 2007, and updated on December 16, 2009, which is article number 000045012 on the Genesys Customer Care website. (ER# 31662487, ICON-1878)

For 8.x releases, you can use a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection to install its components. Previously, for 7.x releases, Genesys did not recommend using it.

If you are using Interaction Concentrator 8.1 in an environment where Open Media interactions are processed, and where Genesys Info Mart release 7.5 is also deployed, do the following:

It is important for Genesys Info Mart users to review Genesys Info Mart documentation prior to deploying Interaction Concentrator and Interaction Database, to identify all dependencies. Please review the Genesys Info Mart Deployment Guide and the Deployment Procedure document for your particular release, if applicable.

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