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The following information applies to Genesys 8.0.x software and is important for you to note:

Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize functionality of commercial or non-commercial third parties. For specific information on any third-party software used in this product, see the Read Me.

The Solution Reporting Configuration Wizard may not install Data Sourcer and Data Mart correctly. Refer to these documents to install these components manually: Data Sourcer Deployment Procedure and Data Mart Deployment Procedure. (ER# 255574632)

During CCPulse+ application upgrade, if the upgrade procedure is canceled before the installation package is copied, the Reporting Configuration Wizard incorrectly sets the CCPulse+ application to a lower version when it appears in Configuration Manager. The correct version can be found in the Help > About window of your CCPulse+ working instance and in the ReadMe file that is located in the CCPulse+ working directory. (ER# 104516863)

The Solution Reporting Configuration Wizard may display the following message if the Stat Server wizard is not installed:

Failed to create a wizard object. Invalid class String.

This message indicates that you must install the Stat Server Wizard. (ER# 91674569)

On the Windows 2003 Japanese platform using the Japanese character set, the Data Mart Wizard does not properly connect to Data Mart built with the Microsoft SQL RDBMS. Manual configuration and upgrade will be required. (ER#s 71735571, 113567754)

The CCPulse+ Wizard adds the QueryStorageFullPath configuration option to the CCPulse+ application, by default. As a result, if you are not using Genesys Info Mart templates, you will see the following error message upon starting CCPulse+:

Query based view functionality will be unavailable.

To resolve this error, remove the QueryStorageFullPath option from the CCPulse+ Application object in Configuration Manager. (ER# 45362091)

For the Reporting wizards, only one package installation can be configured using the same directory. Use different directories to create IPs for different applications, even if they are deployed to the same host. (ER# 31801055)

When the existing CCPulse+ application is used for the deployment of new templates, the default Wizard configuration path may fail to add new StatTypes from the selected templates to a Stat Server application. To ensure the addition of these new stat types, do the following:

  1. Start the Genesys Wizard Manager.
  2. Select Solution Reporting from the left pane.
  3. Select CCPulse+ from the right pane and click Next.
  4. Move to the directory where your Reporting Templates are located and click Next.
  5. Select one or more Templates from the list.
  6. Select Real-time-only-mode and click Next.
  7. Select the destination directory for the Reporting Templates and click Next.
  8. Click Next again.
  9. Select the existing CCPulse+ application and click the Properties button. The CCPulse+ Properties window appears.
  10. Click the Upgrade button on the CCPulse+ Properties window.
  11. On the General Information page, click Next.
  12. On the Historical Reporting View page, click Next. This takes you to the Stat Server Connections page. Change or add new Stat Server applications and click Next.
  13. If you are adding new stat types, skip this step.
    If you are upgrading reporting templates and there is a difference between the existing stat type definitions and the imported stat type definitions, the Import Ambiguity window appears. Click Use New or Use Old.

The new stat types are added to the selected Stat Server Application objects. (ER# 9428503)

Under certain circumstances, the CCPulse+ Wizard may overwrite the Templates.stg file with new templates. Be sure to back up your old template files before deploying the Solution Reporting Configuration Wizard. (ER# 9322513)

The Data Mart Wizard's progress bar does not accurately reflect the progress of database initialization. Despite this, the Wizard does perform and complete Data Mart initialization. (ER# 101070)

The Reporting wizards may generate the following Configuration Server error while attempting to remove an ETL Runtime application whose Database Access Point is also being used by another application:

SCEE012- Additional action required. An additional action is necessary to complete the requested transaction.

(ER# 99492)

During application upgrade, the Data Mart Wizard changes the URLs of Data Mart sources (in Microsoft SQL Server format) to a format recognized by the jTDS driver. You must change the URL back to the format recognized by the weblogic driver to continue using this driver. For the 7.0.2 and later releases, however, Genesys recommends using the jTDS driver for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server RDBMSs. (ER# 99210)

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