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Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. © 2007–2008

The following information applies to Genesys 7.5.x software and is important for you to note:

Note: Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize functionality of commercial or non-commercial third parties.

CC Analyzer 7.2.1 requires 7.2 or a higher release of DB Server and Configuration Server. For optimal operation, Genesys recommends using the latest available version of release 7.5 of DB Server, Configuration Server, and Stat Server with the 7.2.1 release of CC Analyzer.

Genesys servers working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 operating system require that the package compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-47.3.i386.rpm and the system upgrade Nahant Update 2 be installed.

Genesys does not recommend the installation of its components using a Microsoft Remote Desktop connection. The installation should be performed locally.

Genesys recommends allocating sufficient memory to Data Sourcer. When the memory is insufficient, Data Sourcer may stop unexpectedly and generate one of the following messages:

StatMsgThread: alien exception
StatMsgThread error, std::exception: Failure to allocate storage

To prevent this problem, do one of the following prior to starting Data Sourcer:

Please contact your system administrator on how to make these settings permanent.

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