Release Advisory

Outbound Contact


Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. © 2011–2015

As of February 1, 2012, Genesys is no longer an affiliate of Alcatel-Lucent; any indication of such affiliation within Genesys products or packaging is no longer applicable. Please see the Genesys website at for more details.

The following information applies to Genesys 8.1.x software and is important for you to note:

Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize third-party functionality. For specific information about any third-party software used in this product, see the Read Me. Contact your technical support representative if you have any questions.

For detailed information about each release of Outbound Contact Server, see the Outbound Contact Server 8.1 Release Note.

Outbound Contact 8.1 requires an 8.0 license. If you want to run Outbound Contact in a mixed environment (in which some Outbound Contact components are release 8.1, and some others are release 7.5, 7.6, or 8.0), 8.0 Outbound Contact licenses must be present on License Server, along with licenses for earlier versions of Outbound Contact. Outbound Contact licenses are required for all dialing modes except Push Preview and Power GVP with OBN Manager.

If you intend to use any Java extension statistics during an Outbound Contact process, and you run Stat Server on a UNIX platform, remember that certain targets require attention to the names you give them; names for targets, such as Campaign Groups, Tenants, and Employee ID cannot use the Multi-Byte Character System (MBCS).

Outbound Contact Server, when using SIP Server to generate outbound calls, cannot authenticate with SIP trunks. You must use either an alternative means of security, such as IP-based access control, or an intermediary device, such as a session border controller (SBC), to provide authentication to the SIP trunk.

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