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As of February 1, 2012, Genesys is no longer an affiliate of Alcatel-Lucent; any indication of such affiliation within Genesys products or packaging is no longer applicable. Please see the Genesys website at for more details.

The following information applies to Genesys 8.0.x software and is important for you to note:

Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize functionality of commercial or non-commercial third parties. For specific information on any third-party software used in this product, see the Read Me.

The information in this Release Advisory applies to the Voice Platform Solution (VPS) 8.0 as a whole. For information about specific features and limitations for the component VPS products—Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8.0, Management Framework 8.0, Genesys Composer Voice 8.0, and SIP Server 7.6—you may want to consult the following Release Notes and Advisories:

When integrating with Cisco Call Manager (CCM), the VPS does not support the following call flow scenarios:

In these cases, the CCM fails to re-establish the media stream (RTP) after the transfer to the agent (or routing to the agent) is completed. (ER# 209343791)

When configured for Media Redirect transfers, the VPS does not support two-step transfers from one SIP Server agent to another, in cases where the VPS also provides Music On Hold (MOH) while the agent is in queue (while the transfer is in process). In this situation, the VPS sometimes fails to properly negotiate the transfer of the SDP to all parties, which results in the caller continuing to receive MOH after the transfer is complete, while leaving the agent connected to an inactive SDP leg. (ER# 210229793)

The following limitations can occur when integrating the VPS with the Nortel Communication Server 1000:

The VPS does not currently support treatments that last longer than fifteen minutes. During long treatments, the session timer on the Resource Manager can sometimes trigger a re-INVITE message that does not include the information in the SDP description required to tell the other components involved that they need to maintain the call. This problem is caused by several limitations related to different VPS components:

The call flow design editor in Genesys Composer Voice does not support creating Full Call Recording (FCR) design blocks. To edit FCR in an existing VoiceXML application, you can use only the text editor portion of Composer Voice. (ER# 191977552)

The VPS does not support Bridged or Media Redirect transfers or conferences from an agent back to the VoiceXML application from which the agent originally received the call. In other words, customers transferred to an agent after listening to an announcement cannot be transferred by the agent back to the original application/announcement. The VPS considers this a looped call, and reacts accordingly (refuses the call).

If you require additional voice self-service after the agent interaction with the customer, you can send the call to a routing point and use the PlayApplication treatment in the URS routing strategy to invoke a different VoiceXML application—keeping in mind that there can be no more transfers after the Play Application. (ER# 188376841)

The Avaya S8700 Media Server does not accept re-INVITE requests with the video port parameter in SDP set to 0. This limitation occurs in hold and retrieve scenarios and during two-step transfers (which also involve hold). A re-INVITE request in this scenario results in a 500 Server Internal Error message from Avaya.

As a workaround, Genesys recommends disabling support for video on the Media Control Platform (MCP). This involves removing the H.263 video codec values (h263 and h263-1998) from the list of codecs in the MCP codec option. (ER# 188228139)

This release includes several known limitations for the VPS deployed with the Alcatel A4400 switch. These limitations include:

The Genesys Administrator deployment capability currently has a number of known issues related to usability. These issues will be addressed in a future release of GVP 8.

To install VPS components, refer to the following product deployment guides:

(ER# 194203288, 191819652)

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