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License Reporting Manager 8.5.x

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Note: As of December 2016, new License Reporting Manager (LRM) 8.5 installations are no longer permitted for any customer. Starting with Configuration Server (released December 2016), LRM 8.5 can no longer be integrated with Configuration Server. See the Technical Advisory for more information. This procedure is for historical reference only.

This deployment procedure applies to the releases of License Reporting Manager listed in the Release table, above. Click the link in the Release table for the version you are deploying to jump to a description of how to deploy License Reporting Manager using the package you received from Genesys. Most releases use the same standard deployment procedure.

If your release requires a specialized procedure, the link in the Release table takes you to a header specifying the version number and date of the release.

Standard Deployment Procedure

To deploy this package, do the following:


Installation Steps

  1. Ensure that:

  2. If migrating from License Reporting Manager release 8.0, you must first perform the Standard Deployment Procedure for Migrating to 8.1.0.

  3. Follow the installation procedure in the License Reporting Manager 8.5 Deployment Guide to install and configure the current release of LRM.

  4. To migrate from release 8.1.0 to release 8.5.x:

    1. Copy the upgrade810to811.sql file from the <LRM installation directory>/sql/oracle/ directory on the newly installed LRM server to the server where you installed the Oracle SQL Developer tool.

    2. Start Oracle SQL Developer and connect to the Oracle Database using the credentials for the user you configured with the main role to copy data from the old System LRM 8.1.0 database to the new database.

    3. Run the upgrade810to811.sql script to import data from the previous release to the new release.

    4. These migration scripts apply the necessary changes for the new release, but keep all previous non-temporary data intact for both the Local and System LRM databases. The data from the previous release remains available in the LRM reports.

  5. (Optional) To use a replicated database with different JDBC connection information on your LRM server, you must upgrade your Oracle or Microsoft SQL databases to the new database schema. This enables LRM to work with a replicated database containing preexisting data.

    Note: If your deployment does not use a replicated database, you do not need to perform this step. See (LRM-496) in the License Reporting Manager 8.5 Release Note.

You have successfully completed your deployment of License Reporting Manager.

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Additional Information

Additional information on Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. is available on our Customer Care website. The following documentation also contains information about this software. Please consult the Deployment Guide first.

If you encounter any issues with the deployment of this package, please contact Genesys Customer Care.

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