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Genesys Voice Platform


Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. © 2008–2012

As of February 1, 2012, Genesys is no longer an affiliate of Alcatel-Lucent; any indication of such affiliation within Genesys products or packaging is no longer applicable. Please see the Genesys website at for more details.

The following information applies to Genesys 7.6.x software and is important for you to note:

Genesys follows applicable third-party redistribution policies to the extent that Genesys solutions utilize third-party functionality. For specific information on any third-party software used in this product, see the Read Me. Please contact your technical support representative if you have any questions.

To receive messages from and open the Genesys Studio Code Tracer window on Windows 7, you must do so from the Interactive Services Dialog Detection message box. To enable Interactive Services:

  1. Open the Services control dialog box by typing services.msc in the Start menu search box.
  2. On the Services control dialog box, select Interactive Services Detection from the list.
  3. Click the Start button to start it, if it is not already started.

Once Interactive Services is running, messages from the Genesys Studio Code Tracer are announced in the Interactive Services Detection dialog box. Click View the message on the dialog box to open the Code Tracer window.

Note: If you disable this service, you will no longer receive notifications from the Code Tracer.

On the Microsoft Windows 2003 Operating System, Code Tracer is available on the console window only when you are using Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Session.

Code Tracer is also available by connecting remotely using this specific option: mstsc -v: <IPAddress> /F /admin or mstsc -v: <FQDN> /F /admin.

For example:

mstsc -v: /F /admin


mstsc -v: /F /admin

When parameters are used as input to subdialogs, if the same parameter name is used for the input and the return value, you cannot set the value of the parameter in the main Call Flow as input param, and the returned Call Flow validation does not contain a warning. (ER# 218004501)

When using Windows 2003, Windows IIS is not able to fetch any file that contains special characters in the file name. Genesys recommends that you do not use special characters when naming files.

Release 7.5 Studio switched to SQLOLEDB to connect to MSSQL Server because MSDASQL is no longer available. SQLOLEDB is capable of handling multiple recordsets. The recordset points to the result of the query that is executed first by the Stored Procedure. To provide the correct recordset to the application, the stored procedure should return only one recordset. (ER# 207124993)

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