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Identifies a customer based on the Identification Key information submitted with the query. In addition to the identified customer ID, your application can retrieve profile and extension information based on the query fields. Query strings should be URL Encoded. If the "id_key" parameter is not specified, then UCS uses the following algorithm:

  1. Starting with the identification key with the lowest ID, UCS determines the number of attributes in the key which are covered by the data specified in the "expr" parameter.
  2. If all attributes are covered, then use this key. Otherwise, record the number of sequential attributes covered, starting from the left. For example, if key 1 consists of attributes (a, b, c), and "expr" contains (a, b) then the score is 2.
  3. If no key is selected after iterating through all the defined keys, choose the key with the highest score from Step 2. In the event of a tie, UCS selects the key with the smallest ID.
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