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This method is intended for stopping an interaction.


  • PUT /OMInteractions/StopInteraction/



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
Reason String Reason for the Stop Processing false true
Delete String true or false If true and if the Interaction has no child, it will be deleted false true false
InteractionId String Interaction Id true true
InteractionType String false true
MediaType String false true
TenantId Integer true true
(other user data) StringIntegerKVList User data are saved in database except:
  • InteractionId
  • ParentId
  • ExternalId
  • MediaType
  • Type
  • Subtype
  • State
  • StagingArea
  • SubmittedBy
  • TenantId
  • ReceivedAt
  • SubmittedAt
  • DeliveredAt
  • PlacedInQueueAt
  • WorkbinAgentId
  • WorkbinAgentGroupId
  • WorkbinPlaceId
  • WorkbinPlaceGroupId
  • Queue
false false
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