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This method is intended for assigning a thread of Interactions to a Contact.

The indicated interaction will be set as the root parent interaction, and all children will be assigned to the same thread and same ContactId.


  • PUT /OMInteractions/AssignInteractionToContact/



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
InteractionId String Interaction Id true true
ContactId String Contact Id true true
TenantId Integer Tenant Id true true
SubscriberId String The subscriber (line of business) within the tenant to which the interaction and contact belongs false true
NullAttributes String Specify if ContactId needs to be reset for example value "ContactId" false true


FaultCode FaultString Description
201 Missing parameter 'SubscriberId' SubscriberId was not provided but is a required parameter.
510 Contact not found in database The provided contactId doesn't match an existing contact within the subtenant.
921 SubscriberId '{0}' is invalid or not active. The provided SubscriberId is not valid.
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