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This method is intended for building of UCS-wide MergeList or specific list for particular agent.

This service returns the list of Contacts that have been merged. Results are paginated and the size of the page can be limited using PageMaxSize parameter. Once the caller has finished iterating the merge list, the list must be closed with the method MergeListRelease. UCS will use an internal timer to close the list if no activity is detected.


  • GET /OMContacts/MergeListGet/



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
AgentId Integer Id of the agent If present, returns the merges done by this agent only. true true
PageMaxSize Integer Max size for the page of data false true (schema/select-limit)



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
MergeListId String Existing MergeListId Identifies the existing MergeList object for which GetMergeListNextPage method should be applied.

Not available if HasNext is false.

false true
RecordCount Integer Number of MergeId records in MergeData list. true true
HasNext Integer true or false true if more records are available true true
MergeData KVList Each merge data pair is a sub-list, representing one merge data record. false true

MergeData KVList value

Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
A contact id KVList false true

A contact id

Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
DestinationContactId String Contact id of the destination contact true true
MergeDate String Date of the merge true true
SourceContactId String Contact id of the source contact true true
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