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This method is intended for identifying a Contact based on user data values. If one or more Contact is found, the Contact identifiers are returned. If no matching Contact is found, a new Contact may be created.


  • POST /OMContacts/IdentifyContact/


POST /ucs/v1/OMContacts/IdentifyContact json:{"Parameters": {"TenantId":101,"FirstName":"Constance","MemberId":"83","MediaType":"email","EmailAddress":"constance@5461.fr"}}



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
ReturnUnique String true or false If more than 1 contact is found, and ReturnUnique is true, UCS won't return a sublist of found contact Ids false true false
DatePattern String yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ false true
CreateContact String true or false false true Get creation strategy from Media configuration if any, otherwise, use true
TenantId Integer true true
SubscriberId String The subscriber (that is, line of business) within the tenant to which the contact belongs false true
MediaType String MediaType, although not mandatory, is used by UCS to apply the contact identification strategy based on configuration. false true
ContactAttributeName String Each attribute of UserData whose name corresponds to a defined ContactAttribute name is used by UCS for contact identification false true



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
Integer Number of matching Contacts. Cannot be superior to 1 if "CreateContact" parameter is true. Cannot be higher than the configured schema/select-limit. true true
ContactId String Id of the matching Contact if a Contact was found false true
ContactIdList String List of the matching Contact Ids. Contains (NumberOfContactsFound) Ids. false false
ContactCreated String true or false true if a Contact has been created as a result of this call true true
String (Primary Contact Attribute Value) If unique matching contact false true


FaultCode FaultString Description
201 Missing parameter 'SubscriberId' SubscriberId was not provided but is a required parameter.
921 SubscriberId '{0}' is invalid or not active. The provided SubscriberId is not valid.
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