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Core metrics is a reduced list of KPIs that represent a summary of UCS performance.

  • sys.mem.heap.usage.gge—Memory usage in %: constant increase to values close to 1 can show a memory leak.
  • sys.mem.heap.committed.gge—Current size of the memory heap in bytes. Will only grow up to XMX (512MB by default).
  • esp.pending.gge—Number of pending ESP request: increasing value can mean server is not able to cope with client request.
  • TopTimers—The list (2 by default) of longest executing timers. High values can show a bottleneck.
  • jmx.ConnectionPoolMain.TotalLeased.gge—Main DB connections in use, values close to 40 means DB cannot cope with load.
  • jmx.ConnectionPoolMain.borrowedConnectionsCount.gge—Same as above but for Oracle RAC. Only one of the two will be present.


  • GET /Metrics/GetCore/



TenantId 102
Attributes EmailAddress 0 AttrValue john.doe@genesys.com
1 AttrValue alice.doe@genesys.com
LastName 0 AttrValue Doe



Key ValueType Value Description Mandatory Unique Default
(KPI Name) KVList Where value is a list of key/value according to KPI page true true


FaultCode FaultString Description
204 Incorrect value for parameter {0}, expected {1} but was {2} Incorrect value for parameter
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