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Universal Contact Server Migration Guide

This is the Universal Contact Server 9.1 Migration Guide.

Genesys provides a migration path only from UCS 8.5.2+ to UCS 9.1. Direct migration from earlier versions of UCS is not supported. To migrate from earlier versions, you must first migrate your UCS to release 8.5.2. See the Migration Guide for more information.

Overview Notes

  • The migration procedure involves Apache Spark which is abstracted by the Genesys Data Processing Server (GDPS).
  • A minimum version of GDPS is required.
  • The minimum configuration uses one GDPS server and one UCS. Using a cluster of GDPS servers will speed up the migration. It is also possible to divide connections on several UCSs.
  • The time needed to migrate data also depends on your hardware. The more powerful the hosts running GDPS, UCS and Cassandra, the faster the migration.
  • Migration speed depends on many parameters, making it difficult to predict how long it will take. Genesys recommends you perform migration on test machines before performing migration in Production environments.
  • From release 9.1, you can stop and resume a migration job gracefully from the point of interruption.
  • From release
    • GDPS supports Elasticsearch 6.2.4.
    • GDPS supports multiple job packages, each with its own SparkContext.
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