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  • The UCS version you are migrating from must be release 8.5.2+. Direct migration from earlier versions of UCS is not supported. The migration tool connects directly to the UCS 8.5.2+ database so that UCS 8.5.3 itself is not required during the migration.
  • Contact identification is different in UCS 9.1 by comparison to UCS 8.5. Read the Contact Identification information for UCS 9.1 and the same topic for UCS 8.5 before undertaking migration.
  • UCS 9.1 must be installed, configured, and started (see the Deployment Guide).
  • Genesys Data Processing Server (GDPS) must be installed (minimum version, configured, and started (for additional information refer to Installing Genesys Data Processing Server). To speed up the migration process Genesys advises installing multiple GDPS nodes (one master and one or more workers).
  • cURL software (https://curl.haxx.se/) must be installed on the host where the migration job is run.
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