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Migrating contacts

  • When migrating a contact with duplicated contact attributes, if there is a discrepancy in description fields, migrated attributes for the corresponding contact might be incorrect for the description. For example, for a contact with a duplicated email address in UCS 8.5, if the description field is empty for one email address and not empty for the other one, migration will keep only one address and the description field might be lost.
  • Information about contacts that were merged in UCS 8.5 is not transferred to UCS 9.1 during migration. This means that it is not possible to unmerge contacts in UCS 9.1 that were merged in UCS 8.5.


  • As Cobrowse is now handled in Genesys Web Engagement, interactions of type cobrowse from UCS 8.x databases are not migrated to UCS 9.1. In the UCS 8.x database, such interactions have:
    • EntityTypeId=6
    • MediaTypeId="cobrowsing"

Context Services

There are some limitations when migrating Context Services (CS):

  • Creating core profile lookups as part of contact/extensions migration is not supported by the ESP protocol. Use the HTTP protocol instead.
  • DB2 in UCS 8.5 does not support CS and the migration tool will not try to migrate them.
  • Migration of extensions is described here.
  • It is advised to run migration with no traffic on UCS 8.5, otherwise contacts and interactions created after the migration has begun will not be taken into account.

See the following Context Services documents for more detail:


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