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Transport Layer Security

UCS supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), which enables cryptographic and trusted communications between Genesys clients and servers.

Please note the folloiwng TLS features:

  • Upgrade mode for Configuration Server
  • No mutual TLS mode where server and client exchange their certificate (only server certificate is checked)

See the Genesys Security Deployment Guide for additional information about TLS.

UCS TLS Connections with other Genesys Servers

The following table summarizes the UCS TLS connection support for Genesys servers.

UCS Connection to TLS support Comment
Configuration Server Yes Upgrade mode only.
Message Server Yes TLS server port must be enabled.

Enabling TLS for UCS on Windows

For UCS on Windows the following option in the security section is required to enable TLS:


Description: The protocol for enabling TLS
Default Value: None
Valid Values: MSCAPI
Mandatory: Yes
Changes Take Effect: After start/restart

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