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Other UCS Configuration

Configure any non-English search language

Support for searching/indexing in any language other than English requires you to set the text analyzer option below—the example sets support for the CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) analyzer:


You must configure this setting before the database schema is created— it is not possible to change this setting afterwards. All UCSs must have the same value because it is used to prepare the searches. The best way to do so is to set the option in the cluster application.

Multi-tenancy Support

Release 9.1 supports multi-tenancy. (Application) tenants are now dynamically taken into account in UCS 9.1—previously UCS had to be restarted. However, the application and the cluster must have the same Tenant(s), so if you change the Tenant(s) of the application, you need to apply the same changes to the cluster, or UCS will not restart the next time.

Access to Configuration Server

UCS needs read access to the Configuration Server database for the Tenant(s) associated with this UCS.

TLS Connection as Windows Service

When UCS has Transport Layer Security (TLS) configured, either as a server on its ESP or HTTP ports, or as a client in its connection to Configuration Server and Message Server, follow these steps to enable it as a Windows Service:

  • Solution 1:
  1. Select the Windows service related to UCS.
  2. Select the Log On tab. The default setting is Log on as local system account.
  3. Select Log on as this account and provide the login/password of a local host user.
  • Solution 2:
  1. Install the certificate in the local system account. To do that, start Microsoft Management Console (MMC) with the following command line as administrator: psexec -i -s mmc then refer to the Genesys Security Deployment Guide to know how to manage certificates in MMC.

Using iPv6 on the LCA Connection

Unlike UCS 8.5.2, by default UCS 9.1 uses iPv4 on the LCA connection. To enable it to use iPv6, set the following environment variable as shown here:


To change the default selection from iPv4 to iPv6, set the following environment variable from:





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