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Other Cassandra Configuration

Time Synchronization

It is mandatory to ensure that time is correctly synchronized on each host where Cassandra is running, using NTP for example. Failing to do so may result in incoherent behaviour such as incorrectly created tables/index, inconsistent or disappearing data.

Be sure to follow the vendor's recommended settings for production systems.

There is more information in vendor documentation here.

Batch Size

In order to support attachments larger than 100 Kb, the following option should be populated in the Cassandra configuration:

batch_size_fail_threshold_in_kb : 16384

The following option defines a batch size warning threshold:

batch_size_warn_threshold_in_kb: 1638


It is advised to increase write request timeout by changing the below option:

write_request_timeout_in_ms: 30000

Concurrent Operations for Indexed Searches

In order to provide the best performance on indexed searches and index updates, it is recommended to configure the following settings, as a minimum to the values below, on all your Cassandra nodes.

concurrent_reads : 128
concurrent_writes : 64

Cassandra’s concurrent read threads are used by the plugin to find results from Elasticsearch and then load the corresponding rows from Cassandra. Cassandra’s concurrent write threads are used by the plugin to send updates to Elasticsearch when the corresponding row is inserted/updated/deleted.


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