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Deploying the Genesys Data Processing Server (GDPS) for UCS Database Migration

Genesys Data Processing Server (GDPS) is required (minimum version in order to migrate from UCS 8.5.2+ to UCS 9.1. Migration from earlier versions is not supported.

To deploy GDPS, follow the procedure described in the GDPS Installation Guide.

Installation Notes

  • When deploying GDPS (master or nodes) on Windows make sure you have the appropriate Microsoft C++ package installed. To do that:
  • Open the Program and Features window and check whether there is a line starting with 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable'.
  • Click here to install the package if it is missing, then install GDPS.
  • When you install GDPS workers, ensure that each installation path is identical to that of the master and if possible with the same hardware features (number of CPUS and RAM).

The actual migration procedure uses the migration-ucs file (either .bat or .sh) and is described in the UCS 9.1 Migration Guide.

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