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Creating the UCS 9.1 Cluster Application Object


  1. Create a UCS cluster Application object.
    Import the UCS 9 cluster application template (UniversalContactServer_Cluster_<9.1.000.xx>.apd file) from the UCS IP into Genesys Configuration Server in the [template] section.

  2. Ucs5 3.png

  3. Create a new cluster Application object based on the UniversalContactServer_Cluster_<9.1.000.xx>.apd template.
  4. Configure the cluster application as follows:
    1. Open the Properties dialog box of the Application object.
    2. On the Server Info tab, add any host or port value—they are not used by UCS.
    3. On the Start Info tab, enter any value as working directory and command line.
    4. On the Connections tab, add connections to:
      • Message Server
      • Each of the Resource Access Points (RAPs) that you previously configured for the Cassandra cluster.


    5. Click OK.
  5. Create a [cassandra-keyspace] section in the UCS application options section of the UCS cluster application. Make sure that the Cassandra cluster name is the same as the one created here.

  6. UCS Cluster cassOptions.png

  7. Configure the cassandra-keyspace options for this UCS cluster.
  8. Configure the other application options for this cluster.


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