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Create the UCS Node Application Objects

  1. For each UCS instance that will be part of the UCS cluster, create a UCS node Application object.
    Import the UCS 9 application template (UniversalContactServer_<9.1.000.xx>.apd) from the UCS IP into Genesys Configuration Server in the [template] section.

  2. Ucs5 3.png

  3. Create a new node Application object based on the UniversalContactServer_<9.1.000.xx>.apd template.
  4. Configure the node application as follows:
    1. Open the Properties dialog box of the Application object.
    2. On the Server Info tab, enter the host name and communication port.

    3. ConfigPorts.png

      • The default port is mandatory and uses the ESP protocol.
      • You can add and configure an optional port that uses the HTTP connection protocol.
      • You can enable TLS on both protocols by selecting Secured Listening mode. Please refer to the Genesys Security Deployment Guide for more details.
      Make sure that UCS ports are not already being used by other applications. If UCS runs on the same host as a Cassandra/Elasticsearch node, it may conflict with default Cassandra ports (7000, 7001, 7199, 9160, 9042) or Elasticsearch ports (9200-9300)
    4. On the Start Info tab, enter the working directory.
    5. On the Connections tab, add connections to the UCS cluster that you created previously and click OK.
    6. UCSCluster1.png

  5. Configure the application options for this UCS node.
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